Management Software Applications
Computerized Integrated Transaction Records & Orders

For General Companies and Hospitals

Provides easy to use tools and simple operations for managing a company

Sistem Rumah Sakit dan ERP, mudah dipakai, solusi tepat untuk semua masalah di perusahaan

A Simple Management Software That Solves Big Problems

It is undeniable that it has been the obsession of the business owners and the managers to know in details what is happening in their institutions, especially for the companies where there are many divisions involved in running the daily activities. They should be able to know the important things relating to revenues, expenses, the position of assets, liabilities, and other things at any time. With this knowledge, it will help the owners and the managers to impose control to the divisions that might need their special attentions and to support the decision making processes.

For this reason the Computerized Integrated Transaction Records & Orders was developed. This system consists of Management Software Applications and was designed in such a way so it is very simple easy to operate. Many facilities are available to be used by the users to support their daily works. CITRO system has been developed based on years of experiences and researches in various kinds of businesses in several countries, and review of a number of good computer systems. Therefore, it is believed that the best parts of the systems and the important requirements have been incorporated in this software..

In this software, the accounting principles and the company policies have been translated in the form of parameters and tables. Once the parameters and tables are correctly filled in, they could be used in the daily operations. Therefore, this system does not require users with high level of accounting skills or computer skills. Rotations of users can be made possible because it is easy to learn every part available in the system. Especially in hospital system, there are many tables used to support the processes and posting due to the various aspects and conditions that must be considered

Multi-currency system is nicely supported. The difference in exchange rates is presented automatically in the form of journals entry or automatically taken care of by the system during posting. Based on user�s choice, currency revaluation process on Open Items as well as foreign currency account balances is conducted at the closing month. This system also supports the Entity Accounting processes.

Besides inputting the account codes, it is possible for every entry to provide the item code and the item number for which this transaction is related to. This method enables the system to provide good internal controls for the company owners and the management for any asset, liability or expense items that might need attention. In general, this system provides the following :

Flexible relationships among the departments and divisions as well as with the external institutions.

Provides easy internal control for the managers and Board of Directors.

Provides simple and quick implementation

Works with reliable database engines..

Easy data house-keeping.

Supports the arrangements of physical data storage for the users so that any chaotic conditions of the documents can be avoided.

This system consists of around ten (10) software applications or modules belonging to the ERP group, and one hospital application. The ERP is required by all companies in general, while the Hospital application is required for running a hospital. In every application, there are many features available of which most of the other systems do not have. This presentation has been clearly prepared and will give you the ideas on what facilities should be required to run a company as a whole. Click Here to review the content.